As İsrapak, our company is located in Konya Elit industry. Our company, which produces high quality and technological products with its experienced team in the sector, prioritizes customer satisfaction. Our company manufactures Semi-automatic Shrink machines, Full-automatic Shrink Machines and Full Automatic Shrink Machines for Continuous Cutting. Grouping or joining by shrinking more than one product in our special designs are available in our productions. Israpak shrink and packaging machines in the sector by producing economic and effective solutions in the root of the desire to take root. We do not doubt that we will be among the leaders of the sector in a very short time with our principled productions that do not compromise on customer satisfaction and awareness of the work it performs. We take pleasure in working for the satisfaction of our valued customers with our principled and principled production knowledge. While avoiding losses, ISRAPAK, which also opposes unfair profits, continues its activities without compromising on the principle of quality. Many of our customers around the world are pleased to choose ISRAPAK.


To produce products that will add value to human life in all geographies where we operate with confidence and innovative perspective and to provide 100% customer satisfaction.


To be a leader and unique organization with an innovation-oriented approach and taking full support of our stakeholders in all areas where you operate.